WandaVision reveals when and who created SWORD, but it surely wasn’t Nick Fury

Since fans saw the mark of SWORD, the anti-terrorism and intelligence agency in Marvel Comics, many theories have surfaced suggesting that SHIELD’s director Nick Fury founded the organization after bringing back those snatched by Thanos had become existence. Many had even speculated that the organization was created in response to the threat posed by Wanda’s sitcom world. But the latest episode of WandaVisionwhich is literally an overwhelming treasure trove full of answers to almost all major puzzles has effectively spread all existing speculation about SWORD There spoiler ahead.

Why did Nick Fury create the shared theory SWORD?

As you may recall, the organization was disbanded after it was discovered in Captain America: Winter Soldier that SHIElD was infiltrated and mostly controlled by HYDRA for decades. But it was always evident that Nick Fury wasn’t happy with how things turned out. When the Spider-Man: Far From Home post-credit scene revealed that the Skrulls personified Maria Hill and Nick Fury on Earth while the real anger was on a space base or spaceship with a large Skrull staff, this was it the case was an obvious conclusion that he founded SWORD, which in the comics is an offshoot of SHIELD

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In the comics, SWORD’s command and control headquarters is aboard the orbital space station known as the Peak, so it became almost impossible not to draw any conclusions. But WandaVision Episode 4 shot down this long speculated theory

While Avengers: Infinity War devoted considerable space to the shocking snap and the people being dusted, the later projects mostly implied it or, like Far From Home, used it for comedic effects. But the Disney + series WandaVision, which received a mixed reaction from MCU fans for a “slow” start to Phase IV, is going insane speed with its episode 4, which begins with the most surreal depiction of the making of the one lost in the blip reached back.

The episode begins at the exact moment everyone was torn away and brought back into Endagame by Hulk’s snap. Monica Rambeau, who was asleep five years ago when the snapshot was taken, had no idea what happened, and we learn that her mother, Maria Rambeau, died of cancer in her absence two years after her “disappearance”.

Theories that SWORD was created in response to the threat posed by Wanda are eradicated when it is revealed that Monica worked for US intelligence before Thanos dusted off half of the living beings. Given that she is called “Captain” by the organization’s acting director, it is obvious that she has worked there for years.

What actually takes the air to all this speculation about “Nick Fury created SWORD” is the revelation that it was Maria who founded the agency years ago, probably around the time she discovered that allies like Skrulls and enemies like the Kree exist. She created it to monitor any future threats and any assistance that the vast expanse of space might hide.

But after Thanos’ arrival on Earth in Endgame and the great catastrophe he brought to the planet, the organization has now focused only on alien threats and is now investing in creating sentient weapons as well. Do we now remember what happened to the last secret service in the MCU that created deadly weapons to suppress the possibility of a threat only to the enemy, to abuse their creation and thereby attack millions at the same time?

While it is now confirmed that Fury had no hands in the creation of SWORD, that doesn’t mean he’s not involved in how it works now. With the agency now working with the knowledge that there are deadly threats in space that may or may not target Earth, there is nothing quite like building a headquarters in space run by the most responsible and worst man in the US becomes. Check out the latest episode of WandaVision on the official Disney + app.

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