WandaVision: Someone is reprogramming the pretend actuality on a regular basis and it is not Wanda

It has long been theorized that WandaVision is heavily inspired by the comic book story of House of M, in which a grief-stricken Scarlet Witch changed reality. Given that the MCU version of the superhero has the same lifelike abilities, the obvious conclusion is that Wanda created the fake construct we see in the Disney + series to deal with Vision’s death. But there is another, much darker possibility that the events of past episodes show that Wanda did not voluntarily create the artificial bubble in the very real city of Westview, but that someone else is using her powers to control it as well as that Make-shift city and constantly reprogram people in it.

[The following article contains major spoilers from WandaVision. Stop reading if you are yet to begin binging the show.]

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We are still all in favor of the theory that Wanda created an illusion of vision as both are connected through the Mind Stone. And yes, she seems to have some control over what happens (when she reverses time). But for the rest of Westview town and its weirdly dazed townspeople jumping through the decades with the “unusual couple”, it is becoming more and more obvious that someone else is pulling the strings.

Yes, Wanda may have “created” vision, but the sitcom reality and people (who seem to have a somewhat restless awareness of what is happening) were shaped by a second person who wants Wanda to have children. Even Wanda has forgotten her past and seems to partially remember it. Because if our conclusions are correct, the third episode of WandaVision may have implied that while Wanda can create living beings, he cannot control them or use her magic on them in any way.

But before we explain that last sentence, let’s review the events in the three episodes that prove Wanda isn’t the one controlling her warped sitcom reality. There is a second entity that relies on Wanda’s powers to maintain the illusion, as the moments when she is distracted the facade falls off and things as well as people start to “stop working”.

Mr. Hart and Mrs. Hart

Mr. Hart and Mrs. Hart - WandaVision

In the first episode, Vision’s boss, Mr. Hart and his wife come to their house for dinner. Had it been a really wrong world with Mrs. Hart, she wouldn’t have grilled Wanda with questions like the time she got married and what she didn’t have children. This proves that while the sitcom reality is made up, people are very real, are at some level aware that they are trapped, and know that Wanda is the anomaly.

Mrs. Hart’s question put Wanda off, who realizes that something is wrong with the place and the life she lives. She is distracted which is manipulating her powers which are used to keep the illusion going – they start to glitter and therefore Mr. Hart begins to choke. His wife goes on to say “Stop it” first in a bright tone to her husband and then in a pleading tone to Wanda, as if she knows that her questioning of the false reality is suffocating her husband.

What happens next? Well, Wanda breaks out of her stupor and asks Vision to help Mr. Hart. We now know that Wanda is more than capable of conjuring things up out of nowhere and making them disappear in this strange world. This raises two possible facts: a) She got Vision to help Mr. Hart, which means the synthetoid is under her command. B) But other people are not under her control, or she could have simply magically removed what Mr. Hart is choking on like she did for Vision in the second episode. Again she created him so that she could control him and use her powers on him. But the pseudo-reality is not her creation and she cannot use her powers on her people who are moved like puppets by someone else.

The Harts instantly break out of his near death experience and are instantly funny – it’s not like they were forced to act like this, they looked like they immediately forgot what happened and instead remembered them differently last seconds. Here’s another weird point to focus on – the couple left immediately, as if someone had programmed them at that point to leave early in case their presence makes Wanda linger on the strange occurrence.

If you have carefully watched WandaVision you will find that the strange way in which the above events played out occurs again.

Wanda’s interaction with Dottie

Dottie - WandaVision

Many theories suggest that Dottie, the standard Westview queen bee, started asking Wanda questions after the outside world managed to break through this fake reality for a few seconds via a radio broadcast. If you believe so, watch the episode again because Dottie acts weird beforehand – she claims she “heard” “things” about the couple and when Wanda tries to reassure her that she is not doing any harm means, Dottie insists, that she doesn’t believe her. Again, Dottie is showing a level of awareness as if she knew something was wrong with Wanda and Vision.

Her aggressive behavior acts as a trigger to confuse Wanda again and, as before, the malfunctions of false reality. The outside world, most likely SCHWERT, comes through, Dottie breaks her glass, starts to bleed bright red in the monochromatic world and is suddenly afraid of Wanda. Wanda, on the other hand, is too shocked to control damage on her own – it’s not the combination of angry fear she’s later in the episode when she sees the beekeeper and rewinds time. So it may not be them who fry the radio and break the moment.

And as happened with the Harts, Dottie is being reprogrammed – not only has she forgotten that the last few strange seconds, her earlier concerns about Wanda, have gone, too. Did you notice how surprised Wanda is at the sudden change in Dottie’s behavior? Would that be the look on her face if she were the one cleaning the slate? No

The strange events in episode 3, “Now in Color”

Episode 3 Now in Color - WandaVision

There is a moment in the episode when the couple’s neighbor, Herb, also starts sawing the wall while he is cutting his bushes and doesn’t stop even when vision advises him to do so. We agree that no one is grilling Wanda with questions or allegations right now. But she’s going through an insanely accelerated pregnancy with all of the painful symptoms, all packed into less than 24 hours. In a way, she’s distracted.

When Geraldine visits Wanda, we see that the stork she painted in her soon-to-be-born child’s room has come to life and is roaming her living room. Wanda tries to make it go away twice, but each time it shakes off her magic. Not only does this allude to the fact that Wanda’s magic can create living things (like her twins), but again states that her powers do not act on living things.

The next time fictional reality slips after Wanda spontaneously gave birth to her twins with the help of Geraldine. As a vision from Dr. Saying goodbye to Nielson, who was supposed to be leaving Westview for a vacation but was taken away to help Wanda, the doctor claims that he cannot go on his trip because he does not think of “us.” living in a small town that is “so difficult to escape.” ominous? We think so.

This interaction takes place while Wanda is inside with Geraldine and suddenly remembers her brother Pietro while looking at her twins. The memory is so strong that when you speak, even your Socovian accent is back. Again, anyone who has used their powers cannot properly use them to control the residents of Westview. Hence, the doctor is reminded that his car broke down because he wanted to leave Westview, which the creator of the construct does not allow.

While Wanda is otherwise busy, Agnes and Herb whisper about Wanda’s sudden pregnancy and Geraldine’s presence in town. They even warn Vision about her, telling him that Geraldine has no family, no husband, and most importantly, no home in Westview. It’s just … there.

The moment Wanda sings to her children and thinks about her brother, Geraldine / Monica looks like she’s suddenly torn out of a daydream. She asks if Ultron is killing her Pietro, which while a silly question, makes sense if Monica is just starting to get clear.

Our theory about how Monica, who is obviously a SWORD agent sent to the rescue of Wanda, became Geraldine is that the red miniature helicopter we saw in the second episode was actually a real one, over the one she entered Westview but the person who controlled that phone bubble crashed her. And when Wanda’s powers swallowed the whole city, Monica fell victim to it too, becoming one of the characters on a sitcom. She could only remember part of why she came in before Wanda sent her back to the real world.

But how could Wanda use her powers on Monica?

Monica and Wanda - WandaVision

So far we’ve only seen Wanda use her magic on two people – Vision and Monica Rambeau. While we’ve explained the former, the reason she might expel Monica is because she’s a fair game to Wanda because she doesn’t belong to that reality. But others in reality, besides vision, are used as puppets by someone else and therefore Wanda cannot control them.

In summary, Wanda can control what Vision remembers because she created it through their mutual connection through the Mind Stone. But she can’t control the people at Westview because someone is using their powers to run the show well. While people know something is happening and get some moments of clarity, this “someone” is constantly reprogramming people to make sure that nobody remembers Wanda of their past and breaks out of this false dreamland. You can watch the latest episode of the series on the official Disney + app.

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