Well-liked Transgender Rolling Ray’s Wig Burns: BAD BURNED !! (Video)

MTO News has confirmed that popular transgender social media influencer Rolling Ray was rushed to the hospital’s intensive care unit after his wig caught fire.

Rolling Ray has a reputation for always arguing with others. His last back and forth was with the City Girls – where he made gruesome and gross comments about one of the members’ dead baby.

It seems that Rolling Ray got some karma yesterday.

The wheelchair-sitting celebrity went on Instagram Live where he showed off his extensive injuries. “I’m in a hospital. I got burned. My wig caught fire,” he said in a video shared on The Shade Room. In another clip posted on Twitter, Ray was suffocated as he added, “Burned all of my skin. Legs, arms, feet and everything. I love you all and I want you to hold me in your prayers.” “

As he showed his painful burns, Ray said that if there wasn’t a boyfriend he would be “now dead”. Rolling Ray’s doctor can later be heard telling him he needs oxygen, so Ray asked the doctor to turn off his phone. You can watch clips from his live below while he talks about his scary ordeal.

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