Wendy Williams shares how she took revenge on ex-husband Kevin Hunter and his lover!

In their brand new documentary Wendy Williams shared with the world the way she took revenge on her ex-husband, Kevin Hunter to cheat for them! As you may know, the documentary is called “What A Mess!” and premiered on Lifetime yesterday, January 30th!

What a mess shared by talk show host’s failed marriage at 22 and Wendy didn’t hesitate to share anything and told pretty much everything!

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This isn’t the first time she’s found out about Kevin and even his long-time lover, Sharina Hudson, but now she’s even telling her viewers how she took revenge on Kevin for betraying her so!

Apparently, at some point, Wendy learned that her husband had bought a house for his other wife, only ten miles from their own property.

So she went there to see it, and she got revenge on Kevin and the lover too.

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Wendy recalled, “I kept my eyes fixed in every window. I pulled out my spray paint and sprayed Kevin and Wendy Forever. And to this day it’s still forever. It doesn’t mean that I love you, not like that. Love no longer lives here. And I had my gorilla glue and taped the mailbox shut … and sprayed it pink on it. I just cry and have a good old time on my own head saying, “Okay, Wendy, you’ve always been strong. Girl this is your time You have to bring this mess together. “

That reveal comes after Wendy announced on SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Show not long ago that what happened before their divorce wasn’t the first time Kevin cheated on her.

In fact, it even happened when she was pregnant with her son two decades ago!

However, she got over it because of her marriage and her son Kevin Jr.

But the only thing she promised herself that she would never forgive the man was to have a baby with another woman.

When it happened, Wendy filed for divorce!


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