Wheel of Fortune’s Pat Sajak made an unprecedented (and hilarious) mistake on Friday’s present – watch the video

There was no turning this one – wheel of fortune host Pat Sajak screwed it up. And he was the first to admit it.

During Friday’s bonus round, Sajak, who has served as Wheel’s master of ceremonies for four mostly flawless decades, accidentally opened the grand prize envelope at the beginning of the climate segment and not at the end. The imperturbable presenter immediately noticed his mistake, leaned on the award wheel and burst out laughing.

“I’m not sure why I did this,” he chuckled, embarrassed, before boasting in front of the audience at home, “I know what she’s playing for and you don’t.” Seconds later, Sajak jokingly blamed the calendar mishap and said, “It must be Friday.” (Check out the video of the rare Wheel-y moment below.)

Later, during the credits, Sajak’s co-headliner Vanna White lit the historic moment. “I don’t think you ever did that,” she remarked. And Sajak agreed.

“There is a first time for every mistake,” he admitted, before adding playfully: “I’m not perfect either. I know this is shocking news. “

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