Which males keep on the bachelorette? Keep updated with Tayshia’s earlier selections

Time flies by at the Bachelorette. Or is it?

It feels like yesterday and a whole year ago that we have been patiently waiting for Clare Crawley to leave them with Dale Moss, and now Tayshia Adams is really in its season. There are front runners, there are … returns? There are definitely some men out there who have nothing to do with it and some recent eliminations that are still stinging.

For example, we already miss Doctor Joebut it was time for Chasen the wolverine says goodbye and we’re not quite as sure as to Ed is still in the running but we’ll keep an eye on it Ivan, Zac, Ben and Brendan after quickly establishing vital links with Tayshia.

As for the rest, they still have time to stand out, although Tayshia apparently already has these loving feelings for several men, as includes ABC’s recap of this week’s episode (which also includes a full wedding photoshoot for Tayshia and Zac). JoJo Fletcher will be there to fill Chris Harrison, and Noah and Bennett will enjoy the dreaded two-on-one date where two men come in, one man goes.

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