Who Killed Sara? Manolo Cardona promises a season 2 filled with answers


When did season 1 of Who Killed Sara? When fans came to the conclusion last month, they scratched their heads – and not just on the Netflix series title question.

Among the agonizing unsolved mysteries: is Sara really dead? Is Elroy dead? Whose skeletal remains are in Alex’s backyard? And what will Mariana do with Sofia’s baby?

Manolo Cardona, who stars as Alex Guzman, Sara’s vengeful older brother, promises “fans will get answers” when season two ends on Wednesday. The actor hints that viewers will also learn that Alex didn’t know the real Sara.

“It’s a great twist and a new adventure for Alex to really question what he thought he knew,” Cardona teases TVLine. “Sara is not who Alex thought she was. And there’s a corpse in his garden. There are some more amazing twists and turns that people will enjoy in Season 2. “

Just like the audience, Cardona says he’s gotten addicted to the soap thriller narrative curve balls. “Every time I read a script and it goes in a different direction, I look forward to the audience,” he enthuses. “It’s very entertaining and it’s been an amazing journey.”

Season 2 will also add depth to the characters, showing Cardona previews, and exploring Sara and Marifer’s intricate friendship. (As fans learned in the season one finale, Marifer is secretly Diana the Slayer.) Meanwhile, the vicious patriarch Cesar Lazcano will also uncover hidden personality traits.

“The more layers a character has, the more interesting they are,” Cardona says of Cesar. “[Ginés García Millán] is a great actor and he interprets Cesar in amazing ways. The direction his character goes in season 2 is going to blow people away. “

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