Why Mank Director David Fincher actually agreed to the unique 4-year Netflix deal

There was a time just years ago when Netflix and online streaming were generally viewed as poor man’s cinema. At the time, Netflix was best known for producing Adam Sandler comedies and B-list films that didn’t find buyers elsewhere. Now Martin Scorsese, Spike Lee and many other renowned filmmakers have signed deals with Netflix to produce content for the streaming giant. The newest Hollywood movie king to join their ranks is David Fincher, who spoke to French magazine Premiere about his deal with Netflix, The Playlist reported.

“Yes, I have an exclusive contract [Netflix] for another four years. And depending on Manks’ reception, I’ll either see her embarrassed and ask what I can do to save myself or take the arrogant asshole attitude that other films have to make in black and white. [Laughs] No, I’m here to give them ‘content’ – whatever it means – and probably to bring them into my little sphere of influence. ”
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Fincher has been involved in Netflix’s rise from the start, with the 2013 House of Cards he produced, the 2017 Mindhunter series, and Fincher’s latest film Deficiency, which debuts on Netflix a month after it opened in theaters. The new deal is even more collaborative and, according to Fincher, he’s signed up with Netflix to boost his creative output.

“I also signed this Netflix contract because I like to work like Picasso painted, to try completely different things, to try to break the shape or change the mode of operation. I like the idea of ​​having a work. And yes, I do admit that after 40 years in this profession it is strange to have only 10 films under my belt. Well, 11 but 10 that I can say are mine. Yeah, objectively it’s a pretty terrible observation. ”

While his reputation as one of Hollywood’s finest directors has remained intact over the years, Fincher’s pursuit of perfection has also slowed his production significantly. So does this new deal mean we’ll get a lot more films from the Fight Club and the social network writer? Hopefully the answer is yes. But don’t expect Fincher to pull out the crowd pullers left and right. In a separate interview with Total Film Magazine, the filmmaker confronted Hollywood about its predictable price.

“If you don’t make a tentpole movie that has a happy meal component in it, nobody’s interested … There are really only two seasons of movies. There’s ‘Spandex Summer’ and ‘Ailment Winter’. You make your movie for one of two seasons. And if you miss, you fall into one of those other two seasons, which are nominally dumps. Does that make sense? ”

While Fincher will seek to improve his job performance in the years to come, he will hold on to his unique storytelling sensitivity that has made the filmmaker an outstanding company in the industry over the years. This is great news for its fans and viewers who want something other than superhero and Oscar bait films. This news is from The Playlist with additional reports from Games Radar.

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