Will Dr. Dre lastly drop his Detox challenge?

If you’ve been following the hip hop news at all, you know this Dr. Dre has had a hard time in the last year and a half. However, the legendary producer recently went to his IG to show that he is finally home and doing it much better. The chronic artist appeared to be in a good mood as he posed with his musical staff.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, Dr. Dre made headlines over the past year for his relationship with estranged wife Nicole Young, who the producer is currently in the middle of a divorce. And earlier this month it was reported that Dre actually had a brain aneurysm.

According to the point of sale, Dre had to go to the hospital intensive care unit, where he was treated for the dangerous condition. HHNH says Dre is fine now and the medics said he would be fine after the procedure.


Ice-T was just a person dedicated to Dr. Dre’s condition, and wrote on Friday, that the producer had finally returned to his house. The rapper went on to write on his account that he had just finished a Facetime conversation with Dre.

“He just made it home. Safe and good looking, ”wrote Ice-T. Some of the other producers mentioned above including Dem Jointz who wrote on his account, “And we’re back !! # Detox21. “


As most know, Dr. Dre’s shelf album “Detox” came out many years ago, but it never happened, and many fans wondered if there would ever be a day the project would see the light of day. However, most have assumed that the LP will never come out.


According to reports, insiders near Dre’s camp have stated that the producer was simply dissatisfied with the project when it was all said and done, so it was never released. Nowadays, “Detox” has achieved legendary status in the sense that many people would like to watch it out of curiosity on streaming platforms.

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