Will WandaVision have its personal “Luke Skywalker” second? Elizabeth Olsen ‘actually excited’ for the shock forward


Let’s speculate, WandaVision fans.

After four episodes, the Disney + series has resumed several familiar faces from the Marvel Cinematic Universe – not just the title characters of Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany, but Randall Parks FBI agent Jimmy Woo and Kat Dennings’ Dr. Darcy Lewis.

But as Olsen TVLine suggests, another MCU vet might be visiting Westview – one fans haven’t heard from, as has been the case with Park and Dennings. Back in December, Disney + colleague The Mandalorian stunned viewers with Mark Hamill’s appearance as Luke Skywalker, who had remained shockingly secret until the second season finale aired.

When asked if WandaVision has something similar in store – namely a casting that she can’t believe has not yet leaked – Olsen gave us a quick “yes”. And although she dared not offer any specifics, she shared with a laugh that “I’m really excited” for the audience to see what (or who) is coming.

WandaVision’s creator Jac Schaeffer was similarly excited to see who might appear on the show, but confirmed for TVLine that “there are still so many surprises in store” for the five remaining episodes.

“I encourage all fans to settle in because there is more to come,” added Schaeffer.

So we turn to you: Who could Olsen and Schaeffer refer to? Any MCU characters you suspect may show up? Leave a comment with your theories / assumptions / highest hopes!

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