Yolanda Hadid publishes an image of Gigi Hadid’s child face by chance!

Gigi and Bella Hadid’s mother, Yolanda, apparently made a mistake when she accidentally shared a picture showing her granddaughter’s face, although Gigi and Zayn have made it their goal to not do so in the yet to do social media. Yolanda realized the mistake and quickly took down the original post and uploaded a cropped version again!

As you may know, Yolanda Hadid was just celebrating her 57th birthday and she took this opportunity to count her blessings!

It turns out her granddaughter is number one on the list!

Yolanda published a picture of her hugging the child lovingly, the two matching Christmas outfits and in the caption she raved about the 4 month old.

What people couldn’t help but notice, however, was that the baby’s face was reflected in a mirror and was therefore visible in the picture, even though her head was turned away from the camera.

After Yolanda removed it and replaced it with a cropped version, a fan account republished the original. Other fans called her up and asked her to respect Gigi and Zayn’s privacy and delete it.

The caption that the proud grandmother wrote next to the cute picture reads: “My birthday blessing … When I woke up this morning and counted all my blessings, this little angel was ranked number 1. It’s a whole new feeling I feel … a part of my heart that I didn’t know existed … I miss my mother very much on that day that used to be ours, the first call of my day, two women who remember life and how that day was in 1964 …… ‘

While she may miss her own mother, Yolanda can thankfully spend her special day with Gigi.

The two of them ate delicious sushi together and the supermodel went to their platform to post some pictures from dinner.


In the caption, she wrote: ‘Tonight, mom celebrated her birthday @ yolanda.hadid. I think I couldn’t love, look up to, or learn from her every year – and then I do. She is the best mom and grandma [grandma] we could ever ask for it. So blessed. I love you, thanks for everything. I wish you the best year. ‘

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