Your EDM Visitor Combine: VOE Creates an uplifting combine for the Viper Annual

Viper’s Annual 2021 album is full of previews, exclusives, remixes and the best tracks from 2020 and again a huge compilation of dance floor fun, emotional singing and engineering. Great sounds to ring in the new year in style, even if for many of us it is in our jams in the living room. The album features pretty much every D&B star you can imagine, from label boss Matrix & Futurebound to Zombie Cats to AMC & Turno, Blaine Stranger, Murdock and Roni Size. Give a name and they are likely there.

As is its “annual” tradition, the Annual also offers many newer faces in the D&B scene. Breakout Viper stars Millbrook and Halflight, for example, bring some of the funniest beats on the album. The Australian duo VOE also made big waves at the end of 2019 and 2020. It contains compilations from Blackout, Unchained Records, Liquicity and RAM as well as its own EP on ProtoCode before it appears at the Viper Annual and is selected for the teaser sampler with Halflight.

With her diverse style growing in importance, it only makes sense that Viper would pick her up for this Your EDM guest mix that we are happy to deliver today. 40 minutes of high-vibe drum & bass to lift the mood and keep the dance going no matter what the dance floor looks like. It’s impossible not to be happy hearing this Viper-heavy mix, and it’s clearly the sign of the raves coming in 2021.

For more information and releases from VOE, visit the Beatport site. Click here to stream or buy the Viper Annual 2021.

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