Zendaya responds to rumor that Drake handed out money on the Euphoria Social gathering

Zendaya sets the record straight on whether drake At a Euphoria party, bags full of cash were actually handed out.

The youngest Emmy winner appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday, December 3rd to promote Euphoria’s new Christmas special, which was due to premiere on HBO Max on December 4th. The moderator moderated the interview Jimmy Kimmel wanted to investigate a rumor about the generosity of the rapper “Hotline Bling” who is also executive producer of the popular HBO drama series.

“I heard he brought gift bags for everyone to your graduation party and they were bags full of money,” said Kimmel. “Is that true?”

Zendaya quickly corrected the details of the story and replied, “It wasn’t exactly that! I don’t know the full situation, but I know Drake gave money to our graduation party. People would be in a raffle and people won money which was especially cool for our crew members. They were very, very happy about it. “

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